Keto And Sexual Dysfunction
Keto Diet

Keto And Sexual Dysfunction Relationship

Nowadays, many adults, are facing difficulties with sexual dysfunction: for women, the main problem is low desire; for men, it’s more about poor performance, [not being able to get or keep an erection].
Many people will choose to take some supplements, blue pills, etc., but this does not solve the root of the problem. Today, I will share a study with you.

Insulin Resistance And Sexual Dysfunction

This is a study of 2,000 men, and the study found that undiagnosed diabetes is strongly associated with sexual dysfunction in men.

Undiagnosed Diabetes Sexual Dysfunction

The prevalence of sexual dysfunction in men with undiagnosed diabetes was five times higher than in the rest of the population, and overall, the prevalence of sexual dysfunction in people with diabetes ranged from 2% to 10%.

Undiagnosed Diabetes Sexual Dysfunction 2

Researchers analyzed a range of sexual dysfunction triggered by insulin resistance, high levels of inflammation, and decreased levels of prohormones due to abdominal obesity, such as low testosterone levels in diabetics.

In theory, low-carb keto could alleviate insulin resistance and reduce body fat, which would improve libido and sexual performance. However, as we have been saying, low-carb keto is not perfect and is very testing.

How a Keto Diet Affects Sexual Performance

Some people give feedback that their desire is not as strong after going low-carb keto diet, and this is the most common feedback.

1. On the Pre-Keto Diet, Your Libido May Be Declining

There are several reasons why energy supply patterns change before carbohydrates, producing what is called keto flu (ketosis flu). The immediate transition from high to low carbohydrate can lead to, among other things, fatigue, nausea, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and possibly a decrease in your libido.

At the beginning of the low-carb phase, it feels the same as dieting; when the body is low on energy, it certainly doesn’t think about anything else but rests. During this time, the body’s cortisol levels may also rise briefly. Also, with low carbohydrates, dopamine levels drop, as do 5-hydroxytryptamine groups if you’re not eating enough protein and fat. These hormones can also affect libido; for example, men’s morning erections may not be as pronounced as they used to be, and women’s desires may not be as strong. Don’t worry, it’s all temporary.

2. After adapting to keto, Libido Returns And Grows

When the energy supply pattern switches, the energy comes back, you feel completely changed, the dizziness and weakness are gone, and you feel more energized, more focused, and usually less lethargic. Once the energy supply is normalized, your cravings will come back and your energy will be better and may have grown. Also, as you become leaner and insulin resistance eases, your sexual performance will increase and men will experience “time” and “hardness”.

3. Increased Testosterone in Men is Good for Libido

In a study shared earlier, comparing the low-carb and high-carb groups, total T hormone rose significantly in the low-carb group (118 ng/dl), while T hormone levels fell in the traditional Western high-carb diet group (-36 ng/dl). Thus, with increased protein and fat intake and decreased carbohydrate, low-carbohydrate diets can increase T hormone levels. One study found that increasing fat intake increased testosterone levels.

Effects of dietary Sexual Dysfunction

A keto diet can increase testosterone levels by about 13 percent. In addition, to increase testosterone, dietary intake of zinc and selenium needs to be taken into account, and more strength training is also recommended.

4. Estrogen Rises in Women, Which Can Increase Libido

Some studies have found that a low-fat diet may lower estrogen, while a high-fat diet does just the opposite. There is also the fact that a low-fat diet can also lead to a decrease in androstenediol and testosterone, both of which may affect hormones.

Effects of low-fat diet

Low estrogen can lead to dryness of the female genitals and low libido, so women need to eat enough fat.

5. The Keto Diet Reduces The Risk of Some Reproductive Diseases

Many people suffer from gynecological inflammation, prostatitis, and other reproductive system diseases, which are related to the diet, low-carbon keto diet can improve inflammation and can improve the quality of sex life.

6. You’ll Be Stronger When You Lose Weight

For guys, after you lose weight, your ability in that area will generally be stronger, you will become more confident, and as you lose weight, your ability will also become stronger. If there is too much body fat, obese men have lower levels of total and free testosterone and lower levels of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). And a low-carb keto diet is the best diet for fat loss. If you succeed in healthily losing weight, your sexual performance will be stronger.


7. The Frequency of Sexual Urges May Decrease

When you are high in carbohydrates, you may often have sexual urges because your hormone levels fluctuate a lot and desire will often be ignited. However, with stable keto, you will become more stable and patient, and you will enjoy the process more instead of just pursuing the results.

8. Time May Be Extended

After going through the warm-up period and getting used to the keto supply, intercourse will take longer than before. Although normally, you will not be as hyper as before, just as keto makes you emotionally stable, your libido is also stable and slow, but it will not affect the process or the outcome.

There is a lot of clinical data showing that keto relieves insulin resistance, increases protein and fat intake, and most people have better sex and better skin after adapting to keto.