Research & Benefits of Exogenous Ketone
Keto Supplement

Research & Benefits of Exogenous Ketone Supplements

Exogenous ketones are a type of supplement that comes from outside the body. The type of ketone in these supplements is called BHB, which stands for beta-hydroxybutyric acid. Endogenous ketones are produced internally by your body during a keto diet or prolonged fasting exercise.

A recent study on exogenous ketone supplement metabolism found that keto drinks lowered blood sugar, free fatty acid, and triglyceride concentrations and concluded that exogenous ketone supplements are a potent pathway into ketosis (remember, ketosis is a metabolic state, not something you eat).

While many of us can adjust our diets to enter a metabolic state of ketosis, this is not always possible for everyone. Inability to maintain a low-carb diet for any reason, or severe insulin resistance, both of which make entering a state of ketosis difficult.

Benefits of Exogenous Ketone Supplements

Treatment of Epilepsy

The ketogenic diet has been used to treat epilepsy for decades. Recent studies are using exogenous ketone supplements to see if they have the same anti-epileptic effect.

According to the Charlie Foundation, “So far, this research is in its infancy; it has been conducted primarily in experimental animal models. However, the results of these studies are promising. In various models of epilepsy and seizures, ketone esters, ketone salts, and MCT have shown antiepileptic effects. Because exogenous ketone allows for rapid induction and mimics the levels achieved by KD treatment of seizures, patients may benefit from these supplements in a variety of ways.”

Appetite Suppression

Research published in 2018 on exogenous ketone supplements found that exogenous ketone caused significant reductions in plasma insulin (fat-storage and glucose-regulating hormone), growth hormone-releasing peptide (hunger hormone), GLP-1 and PY levels within 2 to 4 hours of administration. These reduced hormone levels may lead to appetite suppression, for which the best exogenous ketone is ketone salts.

Benefits of Exogenous Ketone Supplements

Weight Loss

Keto can help reduce fat through glucose-lowering mechanisms, thus maintaining hormonal balance. Since insulin signals the body to store fat, any substance that helps keep blood sugar and insulin low may help with weight loss & weight management.

A group of healthy men who consumed exogenous ketone supplements experienced more fat oxidation during exercise, but also had decreased performance during high-intensity exercise. This decline in performance is consistent with anecdotal evidence that exercise performance is typically compromised when first starting a ketogenic diet.

Improved Exercise Performance

Many studies have been conducted in this area and have shown that ketone appears to have a greater impact on athletic performance, especially in endurance sports. Exogenous ketone can improve the performance of trained athletes, even in the presence of glucose.

Restoring Brain Health

Ketones are the only known substitute for glucose in brain metabolism. Since glucose metabolism is impaired after brain trauma, ketone can be of great benefit for recovery.

Dr. Lilianne R. Mujica-Parodi found that while the brain’s ability to utilize glucose declines with age, the ability to metabolize ketone as fuel does not change, and cognitive function declines dramatically between the ages of 47 and 72 due to unstable brain networks. After a week of ketosis treatment, the brain network stabilized, in part because ketone provided more than 22% of the ATP (energy). The implications of using exogenous ketone supplements to treat dementia and age-related decline in normal brain function are enormous.

Migraine Relief

There is a large body of factual evidence and research showing that a keto diet helps with migraines. There is also a 2019 randomized clinical trial that is testing exogenous ketones as a treatment for migraine.


The ketogenic diet has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and helps control blood sugar. Some evidence suggests that ketone body consumption alone also affects blood sugar. Ketones themselves have anti-inflammatory effects, promoting a reduction in inflammation in the body. A very low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet is superior to a low-carbohydrate diet in reducing markers of inflammation.

Ketone Drinks

Exogenous Ketone Supplements Review: Taste

It’s common for some people to dislike the taste of ketone. After all, it contains a lot of minerals and salt, and fortunately, keto salt tastes better compared to ketone! You can also mix keto salts with other drinks, try almond milk, or use it as a mixer in a zero-carb cocktail.

Exogenous Ketone Salt Review: What it does

You’ve read and heard quite a bit of research and some experiences online. But this review is about my personal experience, so again, it boils down to …… For me.

  • Lower blood sugar
  • No nervous alertness
  • More focus
  • Suppression of appetite


Keto has become very popular and many supplement manufacturers have joined this trend. The way ketosis is manufactured is important. They’re not all the same, and not all of them are effective.

According to an interview with ketone researcher Dom D’Agostino, different exogenous ketones act differently in the body. Quality is an important consideration here. So please be careful when choosing an exogenous ketone supplement.