Keto Supplements for Weight Loss
Keto Supplement

5 Best Keto Supplements for Weight Loss

Taking supplements is a smart and effective way to improve not only your weight loss but your overall health. It may be more effective than following a low-carb and high-fat keto diet. Here are 5 of the best keto supplements to help you burn fat and achieve weight loss.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Omega-3 Fatty Acid, Keto Supplements for Weight Loss

Omega-3 fatty acid supplements can benefit your health in many ways, especially when following a high-fat keto diet. Fish oil is the most common omega-3 fatty acid (FA) supplement; however, you can also get it from foods such as salmon (and other fatty fish), oysters, flaxseed, and walnuts.

Studies have shown that people who include more omega-3 FA in their diets or take fish oil supplements stay fuller longer. Omega-3 fatty acids help regulate fat metabolism by promoting lipolysis and limiting lipogenesis/storage.

Green Tea

Green Tea, Keto Supplements for Weight Loss

Green tea is very effective for weight loss because it contains caffeine, high antioxidant content, and nutritional compounds called catechins. It does this by essentially limiting the work of certain intestinal enzymes and decreasing the rate of absorption of fats and sugars, reducing the number of calories processed by the body.


Probiotics, Keto Supplements for Weight Loss

While good probiotics help you break down nutrients and get energy from food, visceral fat wraps around your organs and can affect the way your hormones work.

A clinical trial showed that people with a lot of visceral fat were able to lose some fat after drinking 200 grams of fermented milk containing probiotics every day for 3 months. Notably, some probiotic strains were associated with weight loss, while others were not.


Magnesium Supplements, Keto Supplements for Weight Loss

If you are on a keto diet, it may be beneficial to take 200-400 mg of magnesium per day. Studies have shown that people on a ketogenic diet may be at a higher risk of developing a magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium supplementation can help reduce muscle cramps, sleep difficulties, and irritability. Some of the most easily absorbed forms of magnesium include magnesium glycinate, magnesium gluconate, and magnesium citrate.



Electrolytes are another one of the best keto supplements for weight loss to make the transition to keto easier. Simply put, electrolytes are small and charged particles that our body needs for optimum health.

They’re found in our food and drink, and many different electrolytes are all used for different functions. If we don’t have enough electrolytes within the body, imbalances can trigger fatigue, muscle cramps or spasms, headaches, dizziness, anxiety, and even sleep problems.

What Are Keto Supplements?

A keto supplement is a weight loss supplement that helps your body enter a state of ketosis, a state that encourages the body to burn fat rather than carbohydrates for energy.

Many popular keto supplements contain exogenous ketone bodies or ketone bodies produced outside the body. Following a ketogenic diet allows your body to use ketone bodies as a source of energy rather than carbohydrates.